Communicating with You

I am the most accessible candidate that will be on your October ballot. I am committed to becoming even more accessible if elected. The question on how to increase engagement with citizens through CACs is currently being discussed. That very question exposes the wrong mindset. Yes, changes are needed in the CAC, but the real change needed is to have council members be more communicative with the people they represent. There are people who are unable to leave their homes and therefore cannot participate in CACs or attend meetings. We need to reach those people.

My Proposals:

  • Establish a Raleigh City Council YouTube channel for all public meetings of the city council as well as regular messages from the Mayor, councilors and various city managers.
  • Remote engagement for council meetings will provide access to those who are unable to leave their home.
  • I will produce a weekly podcast about the goings on that you should know.
  • I will maintain a Twitter account on which citizens should provide suggestions or make requests.
  • I will continue to be available on Facebook, email, and phone just as I have been. I will not be committed to any employer during my terms in office and a primary focus will be continuous contact with our neighborhoods and their leaders.


Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.
  • Olen for Raleigh City Council Dist. C
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