There’s no place like home except when there’s no place to call home.

Did you know Raleigh has tent cities? Our extravagant taxpayer-funded parks and greenways serve well to keep them hidden from our conscience. Among those impassioned about serving them, there is a fear of spreading the news or even taking count of how many men, women, and children are in our woods. The worry is that if folks know, it will end with new city rules, evictions, busy bodies, and harassment. 

When I was reminded of our hidden families, I decided then that I needed to run for city council. As a matter of policy, I want Raleigh to support an incubator that will foster NEW ideas to address homelessness. I say NEW emphatically because the old parties in this “non-partisan” race have totally failed to produce long term results.

The city should approach homelessness understanding that there is a single continuous journey from homelessness to home security. Continuity and Transition are the themes I will advance. 

My Proposals:

  • Partner with Raleigh hotels known for housing families and individuals on the edge of homelessness. This partnership will address livability and sanitation, as well as seek to inform and draw citizens into non-profit and city services. 
  • Repeal rules that prevent private organizations from feeding homeless folks in downtown.
  • Provide free professional assistance for non-profit agencies in filing and maintaining legal documentation and financial compliance reports.
  • Engage with partner agencies and build short term “Gap” housing to address emergency displacement of elders, people with disabilities, and vulnerable single parent families.
  • Provide balance for entry-level housing assistance programs toward transition awareness and continuity assurance.


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  • Olen Watson
    published this page in Issues 2017-07-17 17:29:31 -0400