Oberlin Cemetery

Oberlin Cemetery is a place of historical significance. 

While I do not feel it is the responsibility of the city to rescue that history, it must be rescued and I will make it my singular personal task until next Juneteenth to accomplish two small, yet important goals.

My Proposals:

  • Oberlin Cemetery is currently suffering from incredibly destructive outflow of surface drainage from the Interact parking lot. I am currently seeking an engineering firm to volunteer hours for a redesign of the parking lot to end this disaster. At present, I see very few years before fully half the property is beyond repair.
  • Oberlin Cemetery’s honored dead are a vital point of Raleigh’s conscience. I seek to work with the NCSU departments who have already begun historical preservation to find and identify an area where no graves are located. We need a place of retrospect and reverence where we can be confident we are not standing on graves. We should revere and not simply walk unaware. 


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