Short Term Rentals

The rise of apps like AirBnB brought on the issue of short-term rentals to many communities, including Raleigh. In fact, city council has been debating the issue since 2015, with no clear solutions.

I believe your property belongs to you. As long as you do not harm others, you should be able to utilize your property the way you choose. Short term rentals are not only useful for AirBNB, they permit families to improve their financial outlook and aid the glut of affordable housing options. Increased income means a great deal to families as they work to provide for the  future. Hotels provide base level housing opportunities for which there is no competition. Short term rentals throughout the city will ease transportation by enabling renters to be closer to work and create price competition for more healthful transition housing.

My proposals:


  • As with all new areas of industry, creating a coalition is done by finding those various groups who want to support the cause. Part of my agenda is to increase the stock of affordable housing options at a spectrum of prices, to codify construction standards and instantiate zoning categories for other Accessory Dwelling Units. There is a great coalition of community advocates ready to assemble around this opportunity. Those various groups have not been identified or assembled. As your city councilor, I will make this a priority.
  • Short term rental agents providing less than 90 days of rents per unit per year should be subject to a bi-annual health, safety, and fire inspection provided by the homeowner's insurance company. Safety should not be compromised for tenants who may have little ability to pursue unethical agents during their short stay. However, the cost of managing or enforcing inspections should not become a burden of the city. Liability should remain with the agent and insurer and be multiplied for those failing to obtain the periodic safety inspection. Agents providing more than 90 days of rent per unit per year should register as a business and be bound by standard local business requirements.


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  • Olen for Raleigh City Council Dist. C
    published this page in Issues 2017-09-14 16:31:05 -0400